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Philosophy: How I Work

 I view psychotherapy as a safe container for a person to reflect on their own life.  People are drawn to this opportunity for a variety of reasons.  Some sense a desire for change and a yearning for deeper meaning to their lives.  Others come because they are experiencing a change that comes with a sense of painful loss or fear.  Difficulties in relationships or feelings of loneliness and inadequacy can be the impetus as can anxiety and depression.  Whatever the reasons for seeking therapy the process is one of self exploration and deep listening to one's inner voice of wisdom and feelings.  It opens a person to many different parts of themselves and inherently can include times of disequilibrium, loss, anxiety and uncertainty as well as new discoveries, creativity, authenticity and deep inner peace.


As a therapist I join my clients in their personal exploration and offer my support as a skilled witness and guide.  I believe, without reservation, that each of us carries within ourselves all the wisdom and answers we need to live our most authentic life.  In collaboration with my clients I help them find the pathway to their own deep wisdom and learn to listen with quiet attention to their inner voice.  This is done in a variety of ways that may include exploration of emotional responses and relationships, active listening, dream work, creative expression, journaling and guided imagery. 


In my practice I draw from various perspectives and modalities including Jungian and depth psychology, humanistic and existential psychology, mindfulness and Buddhist philosophy, family systems and developmental approaches.  My own learning grows with each new day of my life and work.  I consider my lifelong work as a psycho- therapist to be an honor and a privilege and I hold gratitude to each of my clients who have chosen me to witness and share in their own unique process.

"I would rather be whole than good." — Carl Jung     
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